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40 x 60 skæreplade

45 mm Fiskars skærekniv

Omnigrid lineal frit valg

kr. 550,-


Grøne skæreplader, centimeter på den ene side og tommer på den anden
40 x 60 cm kr. 199,-
60 x 90 cm kr. 349,-

Skæreplade og strygestykke klappes sammen til lille taske perfekt til kursus eller på rejse ca. 20 x 20 cm
Kr. 199,00

The Gypsy Gripper is designed with two suction cups that attach to any smooth ruler surface. The Gripper ensures that even pressure is applied to the cutting surface so you can relax and rest your hand comfortably over the handle. Since no death grip is required, this tool is recommended for anyone with hand issues such as arthritis and carpel tunnel. Your hand is always away from the rotary cutter so your fingers are out of harm’s way, making this a must have for any new or young quilter! Note: The ruler must be at least 4 inches wide and 12 ½ inches long - excluding the hang hole - to be effective.
Kr. 179,-

Cinille cutter
Kr. 329,-  

Løst blad for rulleskærer
18mm 2 stk. kr. 69,-
28mm 2 stk. kr. 89,-
45mm 1 stk. kr. 85,-
60mm 1 stk. Kr. 119,-
45mm 2 stk. kr. 135,-



RTY4 18 mm olfa kniv mini

kr. 139,-


RTY1 28 mm olfa kniv

Kr. 159,-


rty3 Jumbo olfa kniv

Kr. 299,-

RTY2DX  45 mm olfa kniv ergonomisk luxus udgave
Kr. 299,-


45 mm.

kr. 149,-


The 45mm My Comfort Cutter features the TrueCut Cutter Guide that works with the TrueCut ruler track to give you superior precision and accuracy. The My Comfort Cutter prevents stress in your wrist, neck, arm and shoulders thanks to its ergonomic Comfort Curve Grip. It provides you with more cutting power with less effort by placing all cutting power directly over the blade. Using a ruler that doesn’t have the TrueCut Ruler Track? No problem! The My Comfort Cutter will work with any ruler, and you can also remove the Cutter Guide to make cutting with other rulers easier.
Kr. 299,-

17088 6½" Kr 159,-
17097 9½" Kr. 199,-
17087 12½" Kr.269,- 269Specially designed ruler with TruCut Ruler Track works in conjunction with our rotary cutter for precision cuts every time! Ruler has 1/4inand 3/4in marks for easy measurements. Has bold, easy to see 1/8in marks. Marking holes along entire ruler for marking your fabric.

Specially designed ruler with TruCut Ruler Track works in conjunction with our rotary cutter for precision cuts every time! Ruler has 1/4inand 3/4in marks for easy measurements. Has bold, easy to see 1/8in marks. Marking holes along entire ruler for marking your fabric
Kr 289,-

Sugekop m håndtag lille
Kr. 99,00

usynlig plast som du klæber på undersiden af dine linealer. Gør at dine linealer ikke skrider når du skær.
Kr. 99,-



10 x 45 cm lineal kr. 189,-
15 x 60 cm lineal kr. 289,-
4 x 14 tommer lin kr. 189,-
6 x 24 tommer lin kr. 289,-

15cm trekant lineal kr. 129,-
20 cm trekant lineal kr. 149,-
 trekant i tommer lineal kr. 149,-

Skærelinealer fra omnigrid er verdenskendte for den høje kvalitet og nøjagtighed med smalle streger og markeringer ned til 0.25 cm eller 1/8 tomme

3 x 15 cm sømrums lineal kr. 59,-
3 x 30 cm sømrums lineal kr. 89,-
1 x 12,5 tommer sømrum lineal kr. 89,-
1 x 6" tommer sømrum lineal 49,-

15 x 15 cm kvadratisk lineal kr. 139,-
31,5 x31,5cm kvadratisk lineal kr. 299,-
2,5 x 2,5 tommer lineal kr. 59,-
4,5x4,5 tommer lineal kr. 129,-
6 x 6 tommer lineal kr. 139,-
6,5 x 6,5 tommer lineal kr. 149,-
9,5 x 9,5 tommer lineal kr. 189,-
12,5 x 12,5 tommer lineal kr. 259,-
15 x 15 tommer lineal kr. 299,-



16X60 CM


17 x 17 cm kvadrat
Kr. 139,00


32 x 32 cm kvadrat
Kr. 299,-

Få styr på dine linealer med denne holder i træ

kr. 159,- 


praktisk ophæng af linealer
Kr. 79,00 


Used to create squares, rectangles or triangles that will be set on point. Pieces measure evenly across the diagonals instead of from side to side. This looks like a traditional ruler, but the grid has non standard measurements.
Kr. 269,-

qs32 Fan Tastic Kr. 249,-

I samme serie har vi:
qs29 Pickle Dish 129,-
qs4 Dresden Plate KR. 218,-
qs25 Curved Two Patch Kr. 108,-


Quilters Starter Kit
Kr. 219,00 

Square in a Square Ruler
Kr. 219,00

Mini Square in a Square Ruler
Kr. 209

With this new tool, you will be sewing straight strips to squares & then using the Mini Square in a Square ruler to cut them into triangles. This makes your blocks extremely accurate. Includes instructions for 4 options, 8 patterns, & 4 mini blocks.

kr. 299,00 

New.. Now comes with book. This ruler is used for rotary cutting and strip piecing. By using this ruler you will make accurate triangle points for 60, 90 and 120 degree angles. This ruler does not have inch markings.
Kr. 299,-

The Perfect Companion to A New Light on Storm at Sea Quilts. Innovative acrylic trimming templates make it easy to sew Storm at Sea or Square in a Square blocks with perfect accuracy
Kr. 299,- 


Add distinctive, dimensional diamonds to quilt blocks, sashings and borders. Embellish clothing. Make unique purse straps. Each package contains two sizes, so you can make 1-1/2in and 3-1/2in wide diamonds. Complete illustrated instructions are included
Kr. 189,-

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